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The modern PR industry has grown and evolved manifold and strategies of media relations and publicity campaigns have a much more focus on paid, earned, shared and owned content. Yet it is achieving highly valuable earned content for clients through successful media relations campaigns that remains one of the core functions of contemporary public relations.


It is of great importance to know how things work when it comes to today’s key market influencers. Maintaining a meaningful relationship with these key personnel is one of the major aspects of our communication strategies. Insightful dialogues and maintaining healthy relationships with these stakeholders is a key aspect of our communication strategies.


It is important to have an effective dialogue with the media to have a significant impact on the image, recognition and business results of your company. Media persons have so much information, and only a little of it reaches their audience. Media relations activities conducted by an experienced PR team allows you to get the desired publicity and help journalists recognize you as an expert in your industry.

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Media relations are an integral part of public relations. Hire Reptech Solutions as your PR consultant and get exceptional service by increased brand visibility, media planning, issuing & distributing press releases or pitching journalists with stories. 

These services communicate a newsworthy message, to the relevant media outlet. To run a successful campaign, you require experience, knowledge, time and resources. It’s important to work with and not against the media and a prime PR agency does that expertly. An effective dialogue with the media to develop a strong relationship provides an organization or company with invaluable access to the public domain.

Point to note: Through improved media relations via best PR strategies you can know and influence the behavior and moods of your target audience and make informed choices about your business.


Communications Consultancy

The consultancy helps clients in developing communications strategies that spread knowledge and understanding of their business and services amongst key influencers by providing expert international level PR consulting.

Content Marketing

An experienced team of writers produces content for multiple platforms, both online and offline. An in-depth experience of writing articles for various industries, as well as opinion pieces, press releases, whitepapers, web copy, sales and marketing collateral, PR managers deliver compelling, engaging copy to enhance your communications.

Event Support

PR consultants provide support in conducting press tours across the world to engage in round table talks with clients and media to discuss current industry issues. A well-organized press program at a trade fair or industry event. Events handled by a PR manager are a proven way to put your business on the radar with ample opportunity to network with industry leaders.

Influencer marketing

PR professionals are able to play on the limitations and strengths of each niche, and to plan and execute global integrated campaigns accordingly where influencer marketing serves an integral role in helping organizations achieve their goals.

Employer branding

This domain is all about establishing and maintaining a positive culture and a robust public reputation for organizations to attract the best people in their industry as well as to retain the existing workforce.

Search Marketing

Formerly, it was thought that there isn’t much connection between PR and SEO. But, now, that perception has drastically changed with the realization that they very much overlap and an effective PR strategy that involves digital campaigns should work in tandem with SEO in order to achieve desired goals.

Digital PR Services & Marketing

PR managers have adopted the new social media landscape quickly, and have ample exposure in leveraging social media to promote clients. Internet marketing services are offered as well as utilization of communication channels such as blogs, online communities, X etc. in PR programs. This package also includes on-site and off-site analysis, SEO, keyword research and more.

Thought Leadership

The PR manager utilizes their deep understanding of the key trends and issues within various sectors of the market, and establishes your company and key spokespeople as thought leaders. Tried and tested methods for topic setting are implemented and provided for background support such as market and media research, providing local market insight, arranging surveys, etc.

Crisis Management

In situations of crisis a PR consultant helps organizations deal with the situation by conducting market and internal audits, building strategies to combat the ill, and everything in between, to restore public image and providing public relations apprenticeship. Organizations are often faced with such situations and preparation for such events via PR techniques can come in handy.

Networking & Lobbying Support

A PR consultant markets content on the internet and sows the seed of relevant topics across social media, and posting on forums etc.
Building and maintaining connections across various industries with relevant people by making social business communities. This may include important influential figures relevant to specific industries such as media, governmental institutions, science associations etc.
Making offline networks in order to stay in touch with decision makers and influential people.
PR managers organize events for stakeholders and roundtable conferences for experts to attract high-level industry leaders, politicians, scientists, journalists, and other VIPs.